Mission & Vision

Everyone in our Linden Tree family strives to learn and grow so we can bloom together!

Our families are the roots that allow our Linden Tree to grow and flourish. We celebrate the diversity of our communities’ culture, language and experience; appreciate, nurture and respect each other; and provide children with the tools to resolve conflict with respect and empathy. We strive to help all of our students develop strong values, be reflective, and develop a strong sense of self as they negotiate the world. We believe that allstudents can achieve high academic standards when provided with individualized support. We guide our students to develop a growth mindset so they understand and realize that effort, persistence and relevant experiences are the key to becoming global leaders of innovation and discovery.

Behavior Policy & Standards

Linden Tree's Guiding Principles 

Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a school-wide initiative to promote academic growth and appropriate behavior. This program serves as a school-wide strategy for helping all students grow into thoughtful citizens of The Bronx and the world. 



 Love: Experiencing love is the singular thing that connects every human on this planet. We bring love and respect to 

everyone in our learning community and as global citizens. Love shows up in how we care for ourselves, family, 

community, living things, the earth, etc. With love we can heal ourselves and the world.

Inclusion: People thrive in spaces that are supportive, and inclusive. We celebrate and value diverse backgrounds, histories, and the brilliance of everyone in our community. We actively create space for everyone to feel accepted by practicing care, patience, and gentleness with each other.

Discovery: Learning happens best with emotion, challenge   

and the requisite support. People discover their abilities, values, passions and responsibilities  

in situations that offer adventure and the unexpected. Students undertake tasks that require   

perseverance, fitness, craftsmanship, imaginations, self-discipline and significant  


Intellect: Knowledge is cultivated through studying people, places, 

and things that allow us to better understand our place in the world and contribute to making it 


Joy: Centering happiness and joy through seeking beauty in each other, caring for ourselves, our 

community, and solving important problems together.